Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Stupid cell phone camera drained the colour…

I kinda got a little side tracked a few weeks ago, so my crochet project (the afghan/throw for my bed) fell a little behind schedule. Ag! Who am I fooling? I’ve blown the schedule clean out of the water with my procrastination and general lazy-assed laying about. So… Here’s what I’ve decided. Instead of killing myself to complete one major project every 6 months (as originally planned… ja right!!) I will now endeavour to complete one major project per year, with as many minor projects as I’d like to take on along the way. So this afghan qualifies as this year’s major project. And yes, it WILL be done by the end of the year, even though I’m really not looking forward to blocking and joining all of the squares that it will take to make the final thing. (Groan!) The moment this is done, I’m hoping to have a few weeks/months to make a few baby blankets to put away from some family/friends who I know will be having babies or are planning to have babies soon. I’d like to finish the blankets now and put them away for when I need to hand them out, rather than to start late and not finish them in time, as is more “my style”… (Eyeball roll!)
So here’s how the squares are looking so far…

I’ve completed eight of each of these “colour variations/patterns” (that’s ±72 squares in total). I took the picture late last night, in my badly lit bedroom, so the colours are all drained and washed out! The camera didn’t do it any justice at all. The colours are much warmer in reality. They’re denim blue, dusty/rosy pink and a pale wheat kinda colour. I was so desperate to capture the warmth in the colours that at one stage I was balancing a torch in my mouth kneeling on my bed with my face as close to the squares as possible and taking the pic with my elbows propping me up and keeping me from landing on my ass.
Who says crochet is for girls?!


noodle said...

naaaace blanket hey.
don't blame your camera, its indoor lighting. rather take blanky outside (morning or afternoon, not midday) and take a pic. your colours should be perf. Or nag Olly to tweak your levels. He'll know.

cher said...

I think your blankie aint beeg enough... looks like an eye patch, hello... if we're to have a goodtime I'm thinking you need to complete the project?! Give me call when you're done?

my boobs are getting angry! haha

(little kiss, beeg hug, beeg kiss, little hug)