Thursday, August 30, 2007

Seriously, you guys. Transformers is like the coolest movie I’ve ever seen!

… And it’s not just because I’m in advertising and creatives like myself like getting off on uber-cool graphics and CGI stuff!
This movie just ROCKS! Trust me.
Even the website is killer…
Cheri and I caught the 6pm show at Musgrave last night, with handbags stuffed full of chocolate, cheese burgers and popcorn. I knew it was going to be cool, but damn, nothing could have prepared me for just HOW cool it was going to be. For most of the movie Cheri and I just sat there in a wide-eyed daze murmering “coooool… cooooool… cooooool…” like some sort of mantra.
I really thought that I was gonna dig Megatron (I have a thing for bad boys!) but when Bumblebee did that cool wheelie thing and transformed from and old, stuffed up transformer into an awesome new yellow Camaro transformer? I knew I was in love.

And as for Optimus Prime? Uber LANK kiff, as Cheri would say!
The Dreamworks people really have taken it to the next level. In fact, they’ve basically invented a whole new level about 15 levels above what movies used to be, and that’s where they are now with this film.
There’s loads of eye-candy for the girls and explosions for the boys, so everyone should have something/someone to perv.
Check it out. You won’t be sorry.
(Note: The running time is 2 hours 22 minutes, so don’t order a big coke like Cher and I did! Ouch.)


Willem Smit said...

Bumblebee aka Camaro is the bomb optimus is too serious, booorin9g!!! those two babes...hmmm daydreamnnn...hows that shot when she bends o-v-er the car to fix it...the first time the dude pics her up for a ride....mmmm
Rating, all together...good movie!!
Nerds unite!!!

cher said...

My bladder has been giving me trouble ever since... ha-ha! Babe, we had so much fun! Just wana thank you for an awesome evening!!


Carmen Gabriel said...

I totally downloaded the desktop stuff for my mac... NERDS RULE!!!!
And yes, that chick is hot! If Cher wasn't looking, I'd totally give her one.

Don't believe anything you read about me digging that hooker from the movie! Yours are the only boobz for me... Wink!

Willem Smit said...

ahahah you two crack me up with your BOOB yokes...but ya its hot..."so hot right now". Umm Carm Cher aint looking!!
Thx for your encouragement in the previous comment Carm. Aaa you didnt have to. thee heee....yep boundries are indeed there!! But the question is do you now your reader?? WE want you for the army !! no kiddn, jus crasee loco. Reader, writer = one....i just sucked that outta my thumb.YOu could tell though. peace

Carmen Gabriel said...

Wills... You really have to lay of the Happy Herb, if you know what I'm saying?
That last comment made ZILCH sense at all, buddy... HA HA HAAAA!!!
My advice would be: Just say no!

Willem Smit said...

a damn you know now the "herbs"....ahah yep that day was after my kareoke nights...soo not at work on fridays, if you know what i mean. I killed my status from out there writer, slash creative, to nuttin AHAH...from hero to zero in 5 sec's. LOOL