Thursday, June 26, 2008

Rose Mojitos - High fashion cocktails for a high fashion night!

Three cheers for the MTN Durban Fashion Week!
Last night one of my best girls, LorLor, hooked us up with tickets for the Ruff Tung and Leigh Shubert shows (as you can see from the ticket). I guess our big celeb claim to fame was that LorLor's mom was actually one of the dressmaker staff type people for Leigh Shubert... VERY cool.
Ruff Tung (Paul Botha) was very brave with a colour palette of soft greys and white, with hot lumi pink accents and pieces. I LOVED the range. In fact, there were one or two dresses that I'd LOVE to add to my wardrobe.
The Leigh Shubert collection on the other hand, left me a little lukewarm... It was very pretty and soft and well put together... I just only saw ONE dress that I'd pretty much kill for. And that was it!
We started the evening with mojitos and ended it with a few more!
Thanks LorLor for hooking us up with tickets and thanks Clint for your HILARIOUS running commentary throughout the 2 catwalk shows. You should get one of those super-shmodel hairdos... Seriously!

Monday, June 23, 2008


The world's coolest invention EVER! A peanut butter or jam jar that opens on both ends...

Friday, June 13, 2008

One of the Saddest Days in Internet History...

You can't imagine how sad I am today to go to my FAVOURITE food website in the whole wide world, only to find this:

My life will never be the same now that is gone. I know it's only 10.28am, but all I want to do is drown my sorrows in the latest, coolest cocktail, the... Wait a minute?! I DON'T KNOW WHAT THE LATEST COOLEST COCKTAIL IS??!!! Or the newest food trends!!! Tastespotting isn't here to inform me anymore...
Life suddenly just got sadder and harder.