Monday, January 29, 2007

Friday, January 12, 2007

All sushi'd out?

You know, you'd think that after a MASSIVE sushi dinner on saturday with Noodle (my best mate) and a GIGANTIC sushi with the girls two nights ago I'd be all sushi'd out. But it really is quite the contrary! I'm addicted. More than ever. I do think that Durban's summer heat has something to do with it. The thought of eating anything even vaguely hot/spicy just freaks me out!
OK! I know what you're going to say... To much sushi is a bad thing. Even the japanese themselves restrict their sushi diet for week to week. And the fish is not as pure/clean as we think it is, when you consider the polluted state of our water. But I say... BAH!
Oh... and pass the wasabi, please.

2007 is the year of The Greens!

... Well for me, at least!
Happy 2007 everyone. I'm so sorry for not wishing you sooner (or even saying goodbye before my holiday, for that matter - oops!) but life's been... life's been... what's the word?... life's been for the living, I guess.
This holiday I made sure that I lived it, - not vegging out on the sofa day after day, but getting mylsef out of bed early each morning and doing SOMETHING everyday. Even if that "something" was as small as driving along the coast, with the sun on my face and the wind in my hair, and stopping to have lunch on the deck of a restaurant overlooking the beach. Beautiful.
But now that I'm back to reality, Green is the new Fat... And I'm LOVING IT! After just a week at work, detoxing, working out and eating "clean" I'm feeling stronger, slimmer and more "alive" somehow. Ok so I had a couple of glasses of wine a few nights ago, but I watered them down with some sparkling water and felt SO proud of myself all of the next day!
And read my lips! This is no New Year's resolution. This is a way of life. And it's going to be easy for me to implement because I've already been putting the various elements into place one by one during the course of last year. So this year, all I've done was give up ONE thing... The Final Thing that makes the whole plan come together... BREAD!
Goodbye Saturday morning toasted sarmies.
Goodbye free restaurant breadrolls.
Goodbye midnight peanut butter sarmies washed down with a good scotch & soda.
Goodbye special bakery cheese loaves and croissants...

And goodbye heartburn, butt-block, 2-day bloat and not fitting into my dresses anymore!

I won't miss you, bread. You're like an emotionally abusive boyfriend. I've always somehow known that you were bad for me, but you just felt so damn good.

Now that you're gone, I look you and I can't believe that I ever loved you so much.
Go make some other woman miserable!
I'm over you.