Monday, July 27, 2009

Have you met Easy-Boy?

He's Ella's best friend...
You might remember little Ella from this story.
Well... On Friday morning, Ella informed her dad, Wayne, that Easy Boy (she named him) was really REALLY missing Carmen (me!) and that he wanted to come to the office to spend the day (and some quality time) with me.
So, here he is, hogging my mac:

Easy normally smells like dog breath and toe jam, so I can't tell you how pleased I was to discover that he'd had a bath first before coming over to visit.

Sweet satisfaction!

In a stressful, hectic life that can pretty much be summed up in the above pic (my car being towed to the mechanic) I find that it's the simple pleasures that bring me so much joy...
Introducing my sprouts:

Grown by little ol' me, on my windowsill for my salads.
In just seven days, these little beauties were ready to eat... But almost too pretty to eat.

Not only do I get the satisfaction of growing my own food (however small it may be) but now there's another living energy in my home that gives me such peace...
Watching sprouts grow, - one of life's sweetest, simplest pleasures.