Friday, August 10, 2007

Happy (on) Women's Day!

What better way to spend Women’s Day than as an absolute princess, pampered and preened to precious perfection… But, now I’m getting ahead of myself! The pampering and preening was more like the icing on a somewhat decadent, indulgent, heavenly cake of a time that I’ve been having lately.
Let’s see… Where should I begin?
First there was this really big pitch presentation that we’ve been preparing for here at work. To say that it went well would be a bit of an understatement! We just did so well and the client was really happy, so I guess the new business will be ours. Driving back to the office along the beach, with the sun on our faces and the waves crashing on the shore and our little hearts so full of pride, I thought I might cry. But I didn’t because the guys would’ve given me kak about it! Although at some stage I think they might have also been tempted to cry but blamed it on some sea sand in their eyes instead!
Then there are all the latest developments with The Guy… Perhaps now an update on The Guy is in order… Goodness knows what the rest of the world will think about us being together seeing as I am a good few years older than him, but my word, we don’t seem to care! We’re hitting it off like the proverbial “house on fire”. Well… Nothing’s literally in flames, but it sure feels hot! (*giggle*) Since meeting face-to-face last week and getting to know each other via an intricate web of technological innovation (ie. phone, sms and the internet), we decided to take our well-choreographed techno-samba to the next level and actually have a meal together like real people do in the real world. Civilized, grown-up, real people. That’s us, - or at least, who we aspire to be. So off we went to dinner on Wednesday night to the Cape Fish Market (Gateway), and here are a few dating tips I’ve gleaned from the evening…
What to do and what not to do on a first dinner date with a guy:
1. Don’t order sushi. (Biting a piece of sushi in half is bad luck, but the sight of you stuffing an entire salmon nagiri in your gob in one go – as is the custom! – is something that he should only see later in the relationship when both of you have degenerated into a bunch of couch potatoes who don’t care what they look like. My sushi chef probably thought he was doing me a favour with the giant pieces, but I really just wanted to kill him. Shot for nothing, A-Hole! I’m pretty sure that at one stage I might have caught The Guy’s raised eyebrow. Ack!)
2. Don’t order a whisky if your man is drinking a cola tonic. (No matter now sober you know you are, you’re going to feel hammered just knowing that he’s not drinking at all.)
3. Try not to get served by midgets. With braces. Who can’t stop talking in their squeaky little voices. (This WILL irritate you, especially when he’s being nice to the midget, and inadvertently encouraging her to talk more. And more. And MORE!)
4. Don’t be afraid to make an entrance! (Swishing in, in a sexy little number is worth the look on his face when he sees you. And the lump in his throat when he tries to greet you. Also remember to feign innocence when he demands that you throw a jacket over your shoulders because he doesn’t want other guys checking you out. A simple “But darling… This old thing?” following by some furious eyelash fluttering and open-mouthed disbelief will do just nicely, thank you! Make guy jealous? Check!)
5. Try not to look like a love-struck fool as you gaze into his eyes, listening to his riveting story about fixing his car.
6. Make sure you have a full tank of petrol for the long ride home. (You might find yourself taking the long route just so you can spend more time together. Shweet.)
… A great time was had by all! We’ve since been meeting and techno-samb-ing whenever we get the chance. There has been a minor glitch or two, like him not warning me that his aunt might show up unexpectedly to meet me while we’re out (HOLY MOTHER OF GOD!), but other than that, it’s going well.
And last but certainly not least on my agenda, Women’s Day! After months and months of saving and agonizing over whether or not to do a permanent bio-ionic type straightening on my naturally soft-curly hair, I finally decided to go through with it. There really was only one choice for me when it came to salons, so earlier in the week I called Babylon (Cowie Road, Durban) to book some time with Jono, the owner, resident DJ and all-round king of beautiful hair. I could never have expected Jono to offer to open the salon especially for lil’ ol’ me on a public holiday (Women’s Day) and to treat me to his absolute undivided attention and care! But that’s exactly what he did! What a gent!?! Four hours in the seat could have been agonizing, but it was just brilliant! I stepped out feeling like a princess, and I’ll be back on Tuesday for the follow-up appointment and a treatment. Thanks, Jono! You’re a star.

You can see my shiny hair in these happy, smiley pics…

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