Monday, August 13, 2007

Cars are kiff.

Wow! What a weekend!
It was strangely full of cars, cars, CARS!
The Guy is a bit of a drag racing fanatic and races a bit himself (swoon!) and was basically booked all weekend on a drag race event thing that he was involved in.
But he wasn’t the only one going car mad… One of my best girls, LorLor, totally managed to hook us up with VIP tickets to the launch of the new Toyota Aurus at some swank spot on the waterfront. Nice.

We weren’t even sure if it was going to be cool or not, and were quite comfortable to just pull on a pair of jeans and a sexy top, see if we make it to midnight and take it from there… Little did we know the event was going to be so awesome! I knew things were taking a turn when I ditched the jeans in favour of a killer LBD that I’d forgotten about at the back of my wardrobe. I dunno… I suddenly felt like getting a little dressed up. So I did. And I’m glad I did, ‘cos the Aurus people really went all out! Wow… There were cool rollerblading, lumi-clad waitress chicks, keeping everyone well juiced on shooters and yummy chow. The dj was freakin’ brilliant and the other entertainment rocked too. There were these platforms all over the place where, every few songs, some dancers would put on a mini performance to whatever. Of course by 1am we were so hammered we thought it might be a good idea to get on the platform ourselves. (Ack!) Let’s just say, one minute there were steps going up and the next minute there were no steps… Wipe out! Fortunately Noodle and I landed on our feet, but needless to say we trashed that idea very quickly and chose to stay away from the platform from then on (LOL!).

Not the most flattering angle for me, but anyway...
Whoever said that tequila is The Devil, clearly has not met the tequila/whisky/jagermeister combo. Groan. Our dancing got progressively more manic as the night wore on and by the time The Guy decided to surprise me at the event (±1am) I was totally sweaty and squiff. (Ah crap!) He was elated at having won his race (my hero!) but far too tired to come in and see my friends. So I got The Shits that he wouldn’t meet them and then he got The Shits and I had The Shits, and we drove home in a huff. (Pout.)
I don’t know if excessive boozing can lead to tourettes syndrome, but all I know is that I kept bumping into things all of Sunday and letting loose with a stream of obscenities that would make a sailor blush. It hurt, you guys… It really really hurt. Hangover induced tourettes is no fun. I’m not going recommend it. Anyway, it’s my fault for not knowing my limits.
Sunday was very bleak and depressing for a number of reasons (all sorts of altercations and deliberations) but at least it ended nicely with The Guy making me laugh. He has such a sexy, infectious laugh, he soon had me in stitches.
And now it’s Monday and back to work. The weekend euphoria has worn off and I’m trying to ignore the feeling in the pit of my tummy, - the feeling that something is wrong… The feeling that something really bad is about to happen (to me). What does it all mean, I wonder…


noodle said...

I have NEVER had a hangover like that in my life. Picture me stumbling outside musgrave centre barefoot in the rain at 3am trying to get to my car when they have locked the doors to the centre!

Carmen Gabriel said...

I didn't know that you were locked out... Shit man!
That's messed up...