Tuesday, October 23, 2007

New additions to the publicaddress: family...

The boys at publicaddress: have been quite busy getting married and making babies...
So I thought I'd treat you to pics of the two latest little people on our team. Meet Sophie Ambrose Potterton, Wayne's little girl...

And Bailey Rachel Williams, Oliver's princess.

And watch this space for Rein's little angel who's due in a couple of months!
Boy... There must be something in the water here! We're churning out babies like nobody's business. Sheesh.

The rain in Spain falls mainly on my new white sneakers!

As you can see from this sorry pic, it was a rained out ABF Golf Day this year. Normally by lunchtime the golf course has turned into a modern day Sodom and Gomorrah, with drunk "golfers" doing tequila body shots off semi-naked ho's at the various sponsored holes. The rain meant that the debauchery started a little later. It took everyone a little longer to "warm up" with all the free booze everywhere!
Fortunately, I got out of it about 4 glasses of cheap wine in, and made it safely to My Boy's place... where the drinking continued!
Box wine at the Golf Day + Good Scotch at My Honey's place = One-helluva-cross-eyed-me!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Sia, Buttons.

I've watched this video for "Buttons" by Sia on YouTube like... a MILLION times already and I just can't get enough!
The song is killer enough, right?
... But the thing that I love about it, is the crazy-clever-cool way they've put the music video together. A locked-off camera, Sia, some sticky tape, a couple of pegs, an old pair of stockings, some cling-wrap and hey presto! You have a video that is SO watch-able... Over and OVER again!
It really makes you wonder about the big-budget music videos that we're bombarded with on mtv everyday... I'm pretty sure you could feed a COUPLE of starving African nations for what they blast on ONE five-minute video. Tragic.
Come on, movie makers!!!
Let's have more THINKING behind it all like Sia's creative/production crew, and let's have more entertaining videos for less...
(If that sounded heavily retail, it's because it was meant to!)

Monday, October 15, 2007

Having some fun at the shoot on Friday.

One of our clients here at publicaddress: is the Ballito Lifestyle Centre, and we're currently in the process of putting together a whole new brand campaign for them for the year ahead. This of course involved setting up a shoot for images that we can use in the various campaign elements. Seeing as they wanted "real people" in the ads, we decided to tell the super-shmo-dels to take a hike and cast our friends and families in the shot list instead... Oh! And we made the cut too, unfortunately... I say "unfortunately", because those of you who know me will also know that I HATE having my picture taken... Why in the name of all that is holy would I EVER allow myself to be in a shoot (AGAIN!) is beyond me. Anyway... we had fun!
I'm still waiting to see what the real pics look like... These are just off my little cell phone.
Me and Gabby sharing a plate of chips at the Wimpy, talking about beads and all things pink...

Me and JaneO at the end of the LONG day, tired but silly as always!

Me getting all artsy-fartsy with my camera, getting a pic of the "sail" structure from underneath...

I've also wondered about the same thing...

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

While I was taking notes in my meetings in Cape Town last week...

... our house in Durban was being broken into!

There I was balancing on the roof trying to get a good angle on Table Mountain and the whole time a bunch of... I don’t know... Is there a name for them? A bunch of dead-if-I-ever-find-them a/holes were going through our personal, private, treasured things, throwing them around like they were trash, and pocketing pieces of jewelry that can never be replaced. It’s not about the money! The insurance will take care of that. (Or at least, we HOPE they will! All of a sudden there are all sorts of clauses and fine-print... Sigh.) It’s that they will never know how precious my grandmother’s bracelet was to me. She had nothing and she saved her whole life to buy that for me on my 18th birthday, - her only grand-daughter and the apple of her eye. They’ll never know the story behind the pearl earrings that my mother got me on my 21st, or the feeling I had when I bought myself those diamond channel set rings: Independent Woman, who can buy her own bling. Were they in Egypt watching the jeweler solder my name in hieroglyphics to a pendant? No. MY name. Not the name of the arb they’re going to sell it to. That’s MY name on the bracelet my grandmother got me.
But I didn’t lose half as much as my mother did. They didn’t find all of my stash... All my mother has left is what she was wearing that day. Her engagement ring is gone. The gifts her in-laws (my grandparents) bought for her when she joined the family. The diamonds my dad bought her will each baby that she blessed their home with...
I hope they die.
It was difficult trying to put on a brave, professional face and take notes... Smile and nod... Say something witty... Throw your head back and laugh at all the right moments.
The beauty of The Twelve Apostles Hotel and Spa was lost on me. It’s apparently the place where Michael Jackson and Oprah like to stay when they’re in Cape Town. Fourteen thousand rand a night...

I just fought back the tears and counted the seconds until I could hop on a plane and come home.