Monday, November 19, 2007

In honor of the girls' lingerie party last Thursday...

... a few solo-nookie positions for those who'd like to try out their new toys.


Thursday, November 08, 2007

Where in the world is Carmen Miranda?

‘Ssup peops!
Life is just a crazy whirlwind of activity and fun for me right now... So much so that I haven’t had much time to write/blog. I’m pretty sure that my devoted blog readers are devastated that I haven’t kept in touch. All four of you must be falling to pieces... *snigger*
But anyway...
Here (in a nutshell!) is what Carmen Miranda’s been up to lately:
1. Boys
Well... One in particular! Between building a desk for his room (Plumber’s Butt and all - him, not me!), extolling the greatness of jazz on the sofa with closed eyes and faces filled with reverence as we listen to the greats, killing mozzies, partying like rockstars, chatting on gmail, having the most intense/serious conversations (like on his favorite music: “Why DOES it sound like Blade and the other vampires are having a show-down in your livingroom?”), pretending to be bad-asses to the sounds of gansta-rap, and making killer salads to be washed down with Woolies’ Juicy Red... there’s not much time for anything else! It’s all good. :-)
2. Church Stuff
This is a time of serious personal growth for me as far as my spirituality is concerned. New influences in my life have introduced me to a whole new understanding of God/Religion/Worship etc. While I consider myself to be a deeply spiritual person, it’s always nice to meet a new influence or two, who challenge you to reawaken the parts of your spiritual life that might be lagging or dormant. I’m enjoying gaining a viewpoint/appreciation outside of my realm of understanding of and experiences with Christianity. The pic of the stained glass window above is from the chapel at St Theresa’s in Sydenham. We were there on Sunday for a thanksgiving mass for the family... Old school is cool.
3. Trance Parties
Continuing along the theme of “church”, I’ve also been worshipping in the Church Of The Ministry Of Sound lately! (heh heh heh...) My mates got onto a mailing list and now we get sent an invitation to a trance party that’s held every month end at a different location. The first one was on the beach, - just beautiful watching the sun come up over the sea... Sigh! And the last one was in a “club” in Durban, where I managed to leave both my name and reputation. (Ug!)
4. Book club
Monday night saw the completion of our first “round” of bookclub, ie. all eight of us have now had a turn to “host” a bookclub. I had the most incredible prawn and asparagus linguini with a few crumbed mussels on top... But I think there might have been something in it that triggered and allergy of some sort, because by the time I got home, my face was completely itchy, ALL OVER! Ouch. (Maybe I’m becoming allergic to seafood. NO! That would be just too terrible...) Between the drinking and gossiping we did manage to do a massive spring-clean on the book basket, turfing out all the books that nobody wants to read and throwing in a few new ones... We’ll be getting together next month for a very special Christmas Bookclub and in the new year we’re looking forward a whole new bunch of books and possibly a different way of doing things, just to keep things fresh and exciting...

... And of course, there’s always my wonderful family, beautiful friends, awesome work/place and Beena...
Life’s good. Really good.