Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Minor altercations aside, it was a great cuppa coffee!

Vida E Caffè is loud, buzzing, friendly, beautiful… all of the above, on a Saturday morning. Just the place for a great cup of coffee and some weekend inspiration.

I’m not sure it’s the place to be if you’re looking to catch up with the gossip with your girls in hushed, conspiratorial tones, - the music is LOUD! (I think the guys at the table next to us now know more than any guy ever should about bio-ionic hair straightening!) And whatever you do, don’t try and take a pic of the chow for your blog. You will be promptly dealt with by the burly counter staff. Also, if you’re looking to avoid the advertising mugs you stare at everyday at work, don’t go to Vida E. (It seems to have taken over from Home as the latest Durban design/advertising haunt.) If you’re wheat intolerant, just stay at home.
Otherwise I’d definitely go back… I wonder what the girls are up to next Saturday.

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Gail Streak said...

We want to go to the opening of the IStore in Gateway! Yeah - we will have our own Apple Store