Thursday, July 19, 2007

Hooray for book club!

This month, Katey's choice for our book club venue was ZEST in Hillcrest. What a cool restaurant! Let's just say that any place that sells Pongracz by the glass is just GREAT by me! So I started with a couple of those and moved onto white wine. By the time my starter got there (chicken liver / cognac paté with red onion marmalade and brioche) I was well warmed up! I then moved onto my main, a prawn linguine that was so rich and creamy it would've kept me fueled for DAYS! I couldn't bring myself to order something for dessert so I merely took a small bite out of everyone else's! YUM!
By then end of the evening we were loud and raucous and taking pics of each other's boobs. (I won't be posting those!)
This month I'll be reading "11 minutes" by Paulo Coelho and Porno by the oke who wrote Trainspotting (I forget the name!)...

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