Thursday, March 01, 2007

It’s official: The cutest dog in the world lives in Umhlanga!

Look out beyotches and ho’s!
His name is Reggie and he’s the hottest bachelor in Durban.
Reggie’s only 4-5months old, but he’s already turning heads as he strolls/sniffs around the park. Maybe it’s the twinkle in his eye… maybe it’s his debonair almost regal look… it could even be the way his belly hardly ever leaves the ground? But whatever it is, Reggie is Poochie Heaven!

Reggies turn-ons:
- bulleting around the park, top speed
- toes
- a comfy lap to nap on

Reggies turn-offs:
- being sent outside
- having his toys taken away
- being ignored


noodle said...

Oh. My. Word.

That IS the cutest dawg ever!

Carmen Gabriel said...

I KNOW!!!!
He belongs to Lorraine. I went there for dinner on Wednesday night and COMPLETELY fell in love with him...
So cute!