Friday, March 09, 2007

Books, babes and breadsticks

Wednesday night saw our second book club get together, and this time Maria chose to host it at the Roma Revolving Restaurant. She chose it for the awesome 360ยบ views of Durban. Breathtaking! What a fabulous night! The final 2 members (Terri and Sacha) signed on officially, bringing our number to a perfect eight, and they’ve both thrown in some incredible books for us to devour!
For those of you who’re wondering why we have our book club get togethers at restaurants, I can’t remember if I’ve explained why in my previous book club blog. Anyway, here goes a brief summary anyway. Seeing as not all of us have our own places, or want to be bothered with preparing a meal for 8 on a weeknight, or are tired of complaining that we live in a city that we know very little about, - we’ve decided that we will each have a turn to choose a different Durban “hot-spot” that we could visit. We meet on the first Wednesday of every month and so far it’s been great! Now when people ask us if we’ve been to “that cool new place they featured in this month’s Glamour magazine” we can answer in the affirmative.
We’re quite chuffed with ourselves that we ‘re killing several birds (not each other!) with one stone:
- awesome company
- the sharing of great books
- brilliant conversation
- entertainment at a different venue everytime
... And now we can also add Maria’s positive community project to the long list too.
I’ll tell you more about it when we stop talking about it and actually make it happen.
This time I’ve borrowed Anthony Bourdain’s “Kitchen Confidential” and a book called “Mao’s Last Dancer” (I’ve forgotten the author) and I started reading IMMEDIATELY!
Watch this space for my reviews and inane observations...

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