Friday, March 09, 2007

Ag man!

WHY won't Sabina wear a sweater and just make me, her loving mother, happy?
Just once?!
Just look at how cute this little guy looks. His mother made it for him and he wears it in Winter to keep his old bones warm. I WANT TO MAKE SOMETHING FOR MY CHILD TO WEAR!
... But unless I want to get mauled and have to go around looking like a recovering heroin addict who's just tried to slit her wrists, I better banish the thought.
People always talk about the joys of motherhood, but nothing ever really repares you for the pains for motherhood...
I guess you just have to realise eventually that, even though you've loved and raised them, you must know when to let them be the people that they really have to be.
("Ting!" - the sound of the light bulb in my head suddenly switching on.)

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