Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Three Quick Reviews

Review One:
And Unfinished Life: ***1/2

If you're an aspiring writer you really want to give this book a read. I can't say that the plot was all that incredible, but the characters were simply amazing. Such depth, detail, honesty and insight! Mark Spragg captures little human moments that we see but don't register or take for granted. There's something cool that happens in your heart when you read a moment like that, recognise it in someone that you know and empathise. Give An Unfinished Life a try. You won't be disappointed.

Review Two:
Confessions of a Shopaholic: Zero Stars

What the fuck was I thinking?
There should be a law against this kind of shit. Movies like this make women dumber by the second. They suck the IQ right out of you through your eyeballs. I was at lest 5 IQ points lighter when I left the theatre. WTF.

Review Three / Contraption Review / "Best of the Internet from Last Week":
The Vinturi Essential Wine Aerator: *****

This little baby allows you to aerate our wine and drink it immediately, instead of having to open the bottle and allow the wine to "breathe" for several hours. On our wine tour in Cape Town last month, the guide advised us that you can actually open your wine in the morning if you're going to be drinking it later that night. I barely have time to remember to pack a healthy lunch, let alone remember to open my wine for that evening. Whatever. ANY contraption that allows you to drink your wine IMMEDIATELY is an winner in my book. Read more here.

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