Monday, May 11, 2009

Completed Projects: Can I get a whoop WHOOP??!!

All my life my mom has teased me about the fact that I start a million projects and never seem to finish. It's not just an accusation. It's a fact really, and the biggest piece of evidence would be a tapestry that I started when I was in primary school. It's still sitting in a plastic bag on top of my wardrobe right now. Half done. Half not done. To be fair, this level of procrastination doesn't come from nowhere. That particular tapestry was started by my mom, when she was pregnant with my brother, Donovan. Don will be 32 this year. The defense rests.
You can therefore imagine my elation when I actually manage to finish a project. You might remember that last year some time I taught myself how to crochet (from the INTERNET, thank you very much) and started a VERY ambitious project of a bed throw. Too big. I should have aimed lower, started smaller and set myself some achievable goals... Right now, the granny square blocks are in a bag at the back of the wardrobe. Not far from the tapestry.
So... I humbly present: Completed Project Number One! The first of its kind in Carmen History, EVER!

It's a baby blanket for little Max my best girl, Maria's, little boy. We didn't know he was going to be a boy until he popped out, so I stuck to neutral colours, buttery cream and chocolate. I'd say it took about 2 months of solid, frantic crocheting. This little baby went with me to the hair salon and even flew to minus 44 in Canada with me.
Completed Project Number 2 is a set of baby blocks for my friend Natalie's little boy, Xavier.

This project took very little time actually. Again, I kept the colours very "baby" rather than gender specific. Natalie also wanted to be surprised and didn't want to know the gender of the baby. I must say that this was a really fun project to do and the 3 little blocks turned out very cute.
And finally (for now), Completed Project Number 3: A sari book cover for my daily scripture book.

The actual cover was just awful and I couldn't bring myself to enjoy my daily meditation when this ugly cover was sitting in my lap. So in a fit of creative energy I cut up an old sari that I had lying around and sewed a cute little cover for my book. This was SO incredibly easy to do and I'm actually thinking of making a few more to hand out as gifts.
I'm getting better with this "completed project" business, as you can see. There's a half crocheted scarf and baby blanket in my crochet basket right now. Not to mention that damned bed throw. I should have just made one GIANT granny square instead of going for a patch-work / quilt type effect. Now I have a million granny squares to block and join. I'll never finish this one. I feel it in my bones...


noodle said...

Wow, you've been busy lady! It feels so good to pack in a project…

My granny squares are also collecting dust somewhere. I think we may need to get inventive - bedspread becomes scarf slash mini blanket slash something else tiny that only needs a few squares…

bronzefish said...

I really feel honoured my friend, thank you. I can't wait to tell Max the story! I also can't wait for Max to be big enough to use the blanky - at this stage his little toes and fingers get caught in the holes, sigh;) I'd love for you & Noodle to give us a demo sometime? I'd really love to get 'crafty', such a sense of achievement.

Carmen Gabriel said...

You're totally right, Noodz!
I've already decided to go from full-sized bed throw to foot warming type throw. It's just piecing them together that's a total bitch.
You know with "blocking" you've got to wash each square, arrange them on a fixed frame to dry in the correct shape/size and THEN stitch them together.

And you know what, Maria...
Being left handed I find it tough learning from the "righties". I was lucky to find a left-handed teaching guide on the interweb... I'll be happy to show you my tricks, but I think Noodle will be able to REALLY get the message across. I'll be there for moral support and advice.
Noodle also knows more stitches and patterns than I do. Remember that cute "poop friend" she made for me? TOO CUTE!
And as for my boy's fingers and toes getting caught in the blankie, that's just too precious for words!
When my dad saw me making the blankie, he did comment that he was concerned that the "holes" in the pattern would let the cold in!! *giggle*
Silly boys.

Rachel said...

That blanket turned out beautifully! Great job! Love the blocks too, very cute!