Monday, June 14, 2010

Is it just me, or does the new scratching post look a little smug?

Meet the new guy!

I paid WAY more than I had intended too, only because I am a total sucker for any sales pitch involving kitteh products.
I popped into Nature's Petland to replace the simple 150 buck scratching post, and came out with one for almost 300 bucks. *sigh*
The thing is... I do see it is a minor victory, in that, I happened to walk past the little snoozing kittens looking for new homes and bravely passed by without so much as a yearning squeeze in my chest. I must be growing up. Or I've clearly got my hands full with my own little bird assassin. If only she'd quietly "take care of" the frog that's living in my parsley patch. He keeps hopping onto my toes when I water my plants.
Check out the cute mouse.

Beena's already chewed his tail to nothing, and his shiny eyes have lost their sparkle. Sporadic attacks by an irritable old lady will do that to you.
If you look a little closely at the old guy you'll see the evidence of years of catnip abuse...


Maundering mutterer said...

My cat used to attack frogs with gusto. Did you know that they scream?

noodle said...

My little chloe has torn her ear… she's looking like a raggedy old lady.

BTW wena, you've been tagged. :)

Carmen Gabriel said...

THEY SCREAM???!!! *shiver*
I don't think I want them DEAD just somewhere else!

And I see I've been tagged, Noodz.
Well here goes! new post to follow.