Wednesday, May 26, 2010

So, this big cardboard box arrives on my desk.

Just the other day.
And my gut instinct was to think: "Hmm. I've pissed off a few crazies in my life. And now one of them has taken the time to mail me a severed head."
I'd sent my dad to the post office with the notice and my ID book because I was far too busy daffing around at my desk to do it myself. Little did I realise that my dad would not have the good sense to quietly put the severed head into the boot of my car where I could deal with it in the relative seclusion of my home. So, with great trepidation (AND THE ENTIRE AGENCY WATCHING) I carefully, cautiously opened the box to find a head-shaped thing wrapped in layers of bubble wrap. By this stage I had broken into a cold sweat, and the "ooh-look-someone's-sent-me-a-surprise" look on my face had frozen into a mask of calm terror. Resisting the urge to poke the head with a stick a few times to see if there was any blood or anything, I took a deep breath, threw my brain into autopilot and yanked the head out of the box.
Soft... Cream... Squishy.
This couldn't possibly be a head. Wait.
So I peel off the layers to find a stunning handbag inside. Hey?!
I rummage around in the pockets of the bag, and what do I find but this:

I totally won a designer handbag from Cleo magazine, in a competition that I'd entered AGES ago and forgotten about! My ordeal with the severed head now long forgotten there was nothing more to do but sway my hips around the agency with my new bag slung over my shoulder.
Check it out. It's by a designer called Kathy Van Zeeland who, I've just discovered, has a swanky little store just down the street from me. Nice!

Who say nobody ever wins those things in magazines?!
This is the first thing I've ever won in a competition of this kind and I can honestly say that I'm hooked!

I've already entered a few more this month. Hold thumbs for me, people! If I win that African safari getaway I've got my heart set on, I'm opening up a Blog competition to see who gets to go with me. It could be YOU!


noodle said...

Pick me! Pick me!

Maundering mutterer said...

Yay! At last!Today was my day to find a 'lady blog' that I like... Surfing blogs can be ever so painful, but I do love your 'severed head' story. And from good old S of A too... I bask in reflected glory.