Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Product Review - Pore Strips

You know... I'm going to toot my own horn here for a bit, and start by saying that, for my age, I have pretty good skin. And one of the reasons I have good skin is that I don't experiment with just any old product.
All ANYONE needs is:
a good foaming cleanser
a good moisturiser with sunblock
a good night cream

That's it, seriously! At least, that's all I need.
Of course I use other "cosmetic" stuff, but as far as skin CARE goes, that rather short list has done me proud.
That is until I started getting irritated with my pores. They're not too dodgy; I just think they could be better. So going against everything I've ever believed in, I trudged off to my local Clicks to get my paws (not pores) on a pack of pore strips to try out.
I bought them a month ago and it took me a whole month to try them, because I had visions of them permanently bonding to my nose. Followed closely by visions of me yanking off chunks of nose along with the strips.
Not ideal.
So anyway... I decided to brave up last night and go for it, and MAN am I glad I did? Sure, there was a scary moment when I hadn't realised how HARD the dry strip is when it's glued to your nose, doing it's thing. But, once I got over my mild panic, and saw past the tears welling up in my eyes, I gently peeled the strip away and... wow!
I'm a convert!
I will do this once a week at least!
What a great product. My pores look great. The process was quick and relatively effortless.
Pore strips! Do it, girls. Just do it!!


Roland D. Yeomans said...

I was just blog-surfing when I found your review of ALICE. I have to agree : stunning visuals, spare story.

Since you are a cat person, you might enjoy the music video at the bottom of my post for the 31st : WHEN THE COYOTE COMES. Don't worry, the kittens learn a necessary lesson but they live.

jarrod said...

You know.I bet if I package urine just right.people will try that. What I want to know is please tell me how to package it coz I got plenty of wanna know the best thing for your skin...twp methods...a)drink lots of water. B) drink lots of vodka till u throw'll really open your pores...maybe not.

Carmen Gabriel said...

Roland: Hi! Just checked out your blog. Nice writing! :)

Jarrod: ... I'll deal with you later ...