Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Sia, Buttons.

I've watched this video for "Buttons" by Sia on YouTube like... a MILLION times already and I just can't get enough!
The song is killer enough, right?
... But the thing that I love about it, is the crazy-clever-cool way they've put the music video together. A locked-off camera, Sia, some sticky tape, a couple of pegs, an old pair of stockings, some cling-wrap and hey presto! You have a video that is SO watch-able... Over and OVER again!
It really makes you wonder about the big-budget music videos that we're bombarded with on mtv everyday... I'm pretty sure you could feed a COUPLE of starving African nations for what they blast on ONE five-minute video. Tragic.
Come on, movie makers!!!
Let's have more THINKING behind it all like Sia's creative/production crew, and let's have more entertaining videos for less...
(If that sounded heavily retail, it's because it was meant to!)


noodle said...


Check this one out, not only a beautiful song, but so cleverly executed


Carmen Gabriel said...

What a cool video, Noodle!
And they song is just so sweet... I'm a little hormonal today, so it really made me wanna cry... Sniff!