Monday, February 19, 2007

Wow! What a crazy couple of weeks it's been!!

... And thanks for bearing with me during this blogging dry-spell!
I've been busy jorling. Tee hee!
It all started with the first ever get-together of our brand new book club on Wednesday, 7th February at Elements, The Beverly Hills Hotel (Umhlanga). It was awesome getting together with such amazing and amazingly different women. Talking, drinking (Mojito's... Yikes!), eating (Cape Salmon) and being inspired by the many different things we've all been up to! We're all travelers, readers, creatives and FABULOUS! I'll be posting a book review soon with the very first book I've taken out. Watch this space.
THEN I went on a cruise with my family to the Portuguese Islands, on board the MSC Melody. What an unforgettable trip!
I’m waiting for my pics to be developed and to get a bluetooth adapter so that I can link my cell-camera to my laptop, so I can download the pics I’ve taken... There’ll be a cocktail-by-cocktail account of all my antics soon. Watch that space too!
And it all culminated in the very best Valentine’s Day ever! No... I haven’t met my dream man and fallen madly in love. My mom and dad were my Valentine’s this year, preparing an unforgettable chinese dinner for my Valentine-less brother and me. The day started with me finding a rose on my desk from my “secret admirer”. I know it’s probably from the guys at work... But it still made me smile! I know it’s kinda goofy, but it was quite sweet spending the day speculating over who it could be or rather, making up some fantastic Mr Perfect who happened to spot me from across a crowded mall, followed me to my office and secretly left me a single red rose... Hot! I then made my way home to be greeted at the door with cocktails served up by my mom and dad. They lead us through to the diningroom, where they had set the table in red and white, and placed chocolates all over the place. My mom had cooked her killer stir-fry. Dad was in charge of drinks and serving up the dessert. What a great evening. Let me tell you, no guy has ever made that kind of effort for me, so I felt really really special. Thanks mom and dad. You guys are the best!


noodle said...

You've been damn busy girl! I want cruise pics asap…

kamlan said...

sounds fab-u-lous. you are sooo lucky. sorry been outa touch, will be back in the land of the living soon. x

Gail Streak said...

Glad u had goodie. As we know - your mom can cook!