Wednesday, February 21, 2007

I blinked and missed Christmas.

... And now we're already into Lent!
When I was younger and surviving on carrot sticks and black tea, it was easy to give up just about everything as my fast / sacrifice over the ±40days. (I used to consume nothing but fruit, veg and dairy.) But now... Let's just say, I LIVE for that scotch&soda on a friday! I thrive from one steak in red wine sauce to the next! I've been spoiled by the good life... So now it's harder to give it all up. I guess that means my fast is even more important to me now. I understand now. So here's what I'm giving up this year:
1. Booze
2. Red meat
3. Any junk food / "luxuries" (chocolate, soda, chips, etc)
But... Enough of that! The left hand is not surposed to know what the right hand is doing, blah blah blah...
So! To all my Catholic friends, I wish you a wonderfully profound, sincere and sacred Lent. I hope we use the time to reflect and meditate, and I hope we each discover something special and meaningful through it all.

God bless.


kamlan said...

i don't know ho to wish one, so at the risk of sounding daft, 'happy lent'!


noodle said...

since I stopped drinking I can't get up in the mornings. whats up with that?