Thursday, March 02, 2006

Eish! Life is hud when you a wekka!

Candice and I may be smiling in this old pic! But TRUST ME! We're not smiling today! See, Candice and I are two of the copywriters at TBWA\Hunt\Lascaris\Durban and we are having A Day From Hell!
1. Our (breast) friend Cher has left to work some place else and this our first day without her.
2. We BOTH have far too much work to deal with today...
3. ... and the work load just keeps a-growin'!
4. Candice is hosting our bookclub tonight... EEK! So she's stressing about things like out-of-season avocados, guest lists and rain!
5. I'm GOING to bookclub tonight. So I'm stressing about wrecking my diet.
6. It's Lent, so NO DRINKING at bookclub... Bummer. (But I made that rule, so I really can't blame anyone but myself!)
7. I forgot to carry my books for bookclub tonight. (I don't really know why I bothered to take them out LAST NOVEMBER when I haven't bothered to read them! Oops.)
8. I might get thrown out of bookclub tonight for not taking my reading seriously.
Etc etc etc, and so on and so forth.
Oh well.
'Nuff said.


kamlan said...

hey that's soooo cool that you have your own blog. Keep going, I wanna know all your dirty doings - and add some clean stuff just for balance.

One drink is the equilavent of two avocados, so go wild at the book club!

noodle said...

Bloggers of the world unite! Now we just need to get Brendy blogging too…