Monday, March 20, 2006

Aren't new shoes just THE GREATEST?!

I know I should be working, but I'd much rather spend the day looking at my new shoes. I got these a few weeks ago from Truworths, but I was waiting for just the right kind of day to wear them. Seeing as I had the "back-to-work-blues" (or The Sunday Feeling - as I like to call it) from 'round about LUNCH TIME YESTERDAY, I thought I might need a good reason to go to the office... And then I found them! The PERFECT reason/s... My NEW Shoesies!
Here they are, up on my desk where they will remain for as much of the day as possible.
Ignore that kfc tub to the left of the shot. That's from AGES ago, and holds my paperclips. It's a vicious reminder of what I cannot have this Lent, and what I probably shouldn't be having for the rest of my days on this planet!
And there's a bunch of briefs on the right. Whatever...
Ah. What a feeling.

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kamlan said...

U have such style!