Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Meet my new friend!

Everyone, please choon a lekker howzit to my new china, Amber.
She lives with the peops that we're renting our offices from and she's the cutest thing on four legs... Besides my Beena, of course!

Amber smaaks:
- Cuddling
- Nibbling on toes
- Missioning around the backyard (nose to the ground)
- Hiding under my long skirts
- Slurping water from her bowl

Amber choons "No way, bro!" to:
- Bella (the other, older dog of the house)
- Being confined to a safe space when she's left alone
- Night time
- Being locked out of our office (especially when she can check us through the glass doors)
- Stopping when she's had enough chow

Puppies are just too precious! I don't really know what she's going to grow up to be, ie. what "kind" of dog. But then, I prefer not to put race / breed / colour / creed / species / etc labels onto anyone anyway. It just takes us back ±20 years in this country. Amber can be whatever the heck she wants to be! 'Cos I she's a liberated chick! Just like me...

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noodle said...

but she is too CUTE!