Friday, July 14, 2006


The chinese really will eat just about everything!
After living in Taiwan for a year, I can honestly testify to the fact...


Chloe said...

Ha!It's me, Chloe.
Thanks for your comment for my blog, and your blog is wonderful.
I will try to poste my blog in English for you. :P

Please see my baby here:
She is really a big girl.
She is 5 months old, but she is already 10kg and 70cm.
Most unbelievable thing is that she has 2 teeth now.
She can eat rice, noodle, and fruit.
But she always smile to everyone who she sees.
I know you will love her if you see her.


kamlan said...

i eat anything and i aint chinese. no wait - I'm vegetarian. no wait, i eat fish.