Friday, April 28, 2006

The Space Ship Has Landed

... next door to me!
When I left home yesterday morning to visit my cousins in HIllcrest, my street was peaceful, calm, quiet... Yes, one could go so far as to call it the very picture of tranquility. As I got into the car I got the faint scent of Indian incense in the air, but didn't think much of it. Must be the neighbours blessing the new day with a manthra or two.
Drive to my cousin's. Eat. Drink. Laugh. Drink. Eat. Drink. Drive home.
And there it is. The Mother Ship, parked right next door to me.
Turns out my neighbour, Praveen, is getting married... again. The first wife couldn't put up with him being such a mommy's boy, so she left a couple of times. And then eventually she just stopped coming back. In no more than a few months he had hooked up with a new girlfriend and the wedding talk started. Wife Number Two is just out of high school and he's pushing forty. There's something like 18 years between them. It's all very interesting... But hey! I say to each thier own. In fact, to quote Ron Burgundy I say, "When in Rome!"
I do start to get a little twitchy however, when I come home to find their entire house covered in lights and my bedroom is directly next to their house. I am approximately 8m from the big, red flashing Om sign.
You know. Sometimes I just feel so, so tired.


Gail Streak said...

Did you find any cute aliens?

noodle said...

Geez louise! That's a lot of friggin fairy lights.